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Andreozzi Bluestein LLP

About Our Firm: As Heard on WBEN

Attorney Randy Andreozzi talks with WBEN’s Randy Bushover on Buffalo Means Business about who we are, where we came from, and what we do.

You and the Law: Taxes & Bankruptcy

Attorney Gary Bluestein talks with WBFO’s Mike Desmond about taxes and bankruptcy.

You and the Law: IRS Audits

WBFO’s Mike Desmond sits down with attorney Deborah Weber to learn more about IRS audits.

You and the Law: Cutting a deal with the IRS

Attorney Gary Bluestein answers that question in this week’s edition of You and the Law with WBFO’s Mike Desmond.

You and the Law: Legal help for troubled companies

When a business goes bad, the owners may need a lawyer. That’s what attorney Dan Brown talks about on today’s edition of You and the Law with host Mike Desmond.

You and the Law: Not reporting foreign accounts could be expensive

If you admit to the IRS that you have overseas cash or bank accounts which should have been reported, you have choices — most potentially expensive. BFO’s Mike Desmond talks with attorney Tiffany Bell about those choices.

You and the Law: Writing a Will

Once, most people simply had their lawyer write a will and that was it. Attorney Kenneth Grossberg talks about some of the related issues and complexities.

You and the Law: Tax liabilities on overseas accounts

There are a lot of people around the world who are Americans for tax purposes and many may not know that. Attorney Randall Andreozzi says there are heavy penalties for those who try to “game” the system.

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