Derek Wheeler


ACA Penalties Lurking for Unsuspecting Employers

By: Derek B. Wheeler, Esq. It has now been more than a decade since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Obama. Among the many requirements the law placed on taxpayers was requiring many businesses to offer minimum essential coverage to its employees. While much has been made of the substantive requirements of

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IRS People First Initiative Ends Today – What happens now?

By:  Derek Wheeler Today, July 15th, the IRS’ People First Initiative will come to an end. Implemented at the end of March as COVID-19 began spreading throughout the United States and large parts of the country began to shutdown, the People First Initiative relieved taxpayers of many impending tax burdens. Filing deadlines were extended, installment payment agreements were suspended, and

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Recent Tax Court rulings may allow refunds of previously assessed penalties

By: Derek B. Wheeler, Esq. and Heather L. Marello, Esq. As part of the Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 (“RRA 98”), Congress enacted IRC §6751(b)(1), which requires written supervisory approval for certain penalties proposed by the IRS.  Much of RRA 98 focused on legislative controls to prevent abusive practices by IRS personnel which had come to light in the

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