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Introduction to IRS Appeals and the U.S. Tax Court (Part 3)

By: Michael J. Tedesco, Esq. Introduction to IRS Appeals IRS Appeals is a separate branch of the IRS, whose purpose is to resolve tax controversies between the IRS and taxpayers through an informal, administrative process, fairly and impartially, without litigation. IRS Appeals has substantive experts in many of the same areas as the IRS (i.e. designated personnel who deal only

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By: Royston Mendonza, Esq. The IRS has a repository of hundreds of notices that it issues to Taxpayers for a variety of issues. In fact, a statement of IRS notice codes released in 2002 is 120 pages long.  Many of these notices, if left unaddressed, carry little to no associated consequences.  However, there are certain notices which serve as warnings. 

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