Update on IRS Enforcement Trends

By: Kevin M. Murphy, Esq. We have all seen reports and studies lately regarding the “tax gap”, including one from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) describing millions lost to tax avoidance. These are usually followed by a statement from a member of Congress stating the urgent need to revise tax laws to collect more revenue from wealthy

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High Income Non-Filers Beware – Audits Are Coming

By:  Heather L. Marello and Kevin M. Murphy During a recent web conference, IRS Large Business and International Division Commissioner Douglas O’Donnell warned that IRS is gearing up to initiate hundreds of non-filer audits against high income individuals and those with related flow-through entities. The original announcement of this initiative came in July, 2019, when LB&I added high income non-filers

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